We give our lives for a broken generation to be made new

A Blazing Fire

There is no doubt that this is where I belong! In a world of brokenness I see young people as an ember of hope. I want to be a fire blazing in a dry forest igniting a young generation with a passion for Jesus. I am excited and anxious in anticipation of this next season for LXI. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve alongside friends who love the Lord and have a deep conviction to see young people liberated.

In this next season, we are going to amplify the message “Jesus is better” through the way we share both our heart and our lives! As Jesus gave His Life for us, we now give our lives for a broken generation to know Him and to be made new through His love. He is the reason we exist and His mission is what we are about.

With Him leading us, I am eager to see the hearts of young people set free! I hope you will join us in this new story being written on the lives of youth in Johnson City for God’s Glory!

Isaiah 61,
Kyle Hicks


Four-square is something that we play pretty often and pretty competitively with LXI kids. In the heat of the game, kids will do anything to be “king”.  As arguments ensued and fingers pointed in an unclear moment of who got out in one game, the words “we’ll give you grace” came out of my mouth.  Joy lit up this kid’s face as he was granted a second chance to stay in the game in spite of his error.

Later, in the same four-square game, I took my eyes off of the game when I heard a loud argument erupt among the kids in line. Of course, I then missed the ball hitting my square and I was out of the game. I walked off of the court to stand in the back of the line, but a few seconds later I heard a kid yell, “Hey Gretchen, come back! We decided to give you grace.”

There have been so many times when we have taken our eyes off of the Lord and missed the ball hitting our square.  The truth is we are not playing to become “king”, but are playing for the King. And inspite of our mistakes that should put us out of the game, God has given us grace and allows us to keep playing in His court.

In thinking about the start of LXI, these words keep coming to my mind, “Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”  We are created by grace and for grace! LXI is under King Jesus, surrounded by a community who, by grace, is playing for Him. It is because of grace that we can boldly step out into this next season together.

Gretchen Allie

Give to Our Mission

LXI does not happen without support from each of you. God has continually used you in our personal lives and in the lives of LXI kids through your prayers, giving, and encouragement.

To see a broken generation be made new in Johnson City, we need a community of people who share a heart for this mission. We want to give you an opportunity to engage in the mission of Isaiah 61 through monthly financial support.

Please pray about what a financial commitment to LXI would look like for you. If sixty-one people each gave $100 a month or if one-hundred people gave $61 a month, we would be fully supported!

Will you join us in giving our lives for a broken generation to be made new?

Click to give online or mail checks to PO Box 1784, Johnson City, TN 37605. Checks can be written to "LXI".

What's Next

JULY 20-25
Youth leader missions trip to Pennsylvania (Royersford and Philadelphia)

LXI staff and leadership go to SEND conference in Nashville

Johnson City's first day of school!

Pray With Us

- Deepening of community and the faith of youth leaders on our missions trip to Pennsylvania
- All financial needs to be met in August
- LXI youth as they head back to school
- Leaders who will commit to the ministry and lives of kids.
- New ideas and fresh energy as we “amp” up LXI community outreach and discipleship!