Join us in celebrating all that God has been doing at LXI over the past month!

  • We have a fifteen passenger van! As we have grown over the past several years, transportation has been a huge struggle. This van will free our time to focus more on other aspects of the ministry!
  • Fifteen leaders came together to retreat at Doe River Gorge. The weekend was really beneficial for our team to pull away and focus on our relationship with the Lord and build stronger community on our team.
  • Thirteen youth leaders and four leaders are going to a youth conference called Impact this weekend! This is an awesome opportunity for our young people to pull away to focus on what God has to say to them and to be equipped to bring the Gospel back to the mission field of their schools and communities. Please join us in praying for the group that is going to Impact this weekend.
  • Summer plans and partnerships are in the works! The summer is a big time for us to pour into the lives of kids, and we are excited for opportunities like camps, a missions trip, and community service this summer! 


Amplify has grown over the years into a hub for our community. Each week kids, either for the first time or the 100th time, look forward to us picking them up for Amplify. We have evolved from a bible study for a handful of young people, to a weekly outreach for an entire community.

As we begin to define our values and vision for Amplify, we have the opportunity to be more intentional and to go deeper. We want Amplify to be a place where kids can not just survive, but thrive in their relationships with themselves, their community, and God.

We have developed a plan to help protect and promote a culture on Tuesday night that we hope God will bless by changing hearts and transforming lives.

The purpose of Amplify is to:

  1. Amplify God’s voice into the lives of young people.

  2. Create a safe place where young people are free to be themselves.

  3. Empower young people to be a voice that impacts their families, their community, and the world.

We are able to stand in a gap that has existed in Johnson City for many years. Until now, there has never been an exclusive place for youth like ours to connect with God and each other in light of the Gospel!

Our primary goal is to build relationships. We hope with this perspective in mind, we can better serve the holistic needs of our community. Ultimately we hope that these horizontal relationships will point to and result in a vertical relationship with Jesus!

Amplify has served as an amazing opportunity to introduce and build relationships with young people. This has been made possible by your support! I thank you for believing in us and hope that we can continue to impact young people together in 2016!

Isaiah 61,


One night at Amplify, six youth climbed the stairs to the stage. The call was to share what’s left when you look in the mirror and everything else in your life is stripped away.
Among the group of youth was a particular twelve-year-old boy who has an incredibly sweet and helpful spirit, but is consistently found teasing and bullying other kids. Knowing that he also is quite the jokester, I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen when the microphone was handed to him on the stage.
As this boy began to speak, I knew that God was working on his heart. His mask came off as repentance, honesty, and hope came out of his mouth. In tears, he shared that he doesn’t feel good enough or cool enough. To fill this hole, he said that he bullies others, acts tough, and constantly jokes around to try measure up to those around him and feel like he is cool.
That night, this young boy was able to let down his defenses and be loved for who he is truly. He represents so many of us, constantly struggling to believe that God freely loves us as we are. It’s not perfect, and there are many days that we all try to measure up to the world’s standards instead of accepting God’s love for us.
Our hope for Amplify and the young people who come each Tuesday night is for each of them to hear God’s voice, be free to be themselves, and to take God’s love back out into the world.
When we know our heavenly Father and experience His love for us, we come to know who He has created each of us to be. His love frees us to unashamedly be who He has made us to be. His love frees us to share what He has given each of us with the world. And that is our hope for Amplify.

Gretchen Allie


Financial Support
God has put big dreams for LXI on our hearts, and we are excited about where He is leading us! Pray for the funds to make these dreams reality. Pray that we may have the boldness and faith to step into where God's calling us. Pray for more connections with churches, businesses, and individuals who want to support the mission of LXI.

Volunteers and Leaders
Our hope is LXI is a mission field for individuals in the body of Christ to walk out God's unique calling on their lives. Pray that leaders will be able to take the strengths and passions that God has given them, and put those gifts in action to impact the lives of our young people.

In this next season, we are focusing on going deeper with a few. Pray for the students at Impact this weekend! Pray that each student goes deeper in the relationship with God. Pray they will bring the Gospel back to their schools and communities without fear!


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