The oppression of generational sin has in many ways crippled the young people we work with. The basic need to belong has been severely interrupted by absent fathers and mothers. Many kids live in a relational survival mode where they seek to be approved by their peers in a number of often unhealthy areas. This pursuit to be accepted or to belong has clouded their vision and negatively impacts their future.
While being motivated by the opposite sex, toughness, and their status amongst peers, they are not motivated academically, and have little confidence that they can succeed inside the classroom. Many have been labeled as “problems” and are left behind failing multiple classes. This is all happening in our community.
We know that Jesus is bigger than this oppression, and that it is issues like this that He came for. LXI Homework Club is the Gospel in action! Seeing young people motivated to be all they can be and to do so for God’s Glory is what we are about! We have developed this program to get to the root issue, lack of motivation and confidence.
We want to motivate young people by offering awesome incentives that they are able to connect with to give them a reason to do well in school. These incentives range from participation on our Mountain View Elite basketball squad to outdoor adventures at Doe River Gorge to an overnight campout at the Watauga River Lodge. We will also give students a sweet reward each week for meeting their goals. We want to pair these rewards with constant encouragement to build self-esteem and confidence. We hope that over time the external incentives and encouragement produce intrinsic motivation that flows from the confidence they have in Christ.
What does it look like to be made new? It looks like someone walking in their new identity as a Child of God and their calling to be a part of His Kingdom. God originally created us in His image, but that image was shattered by our sin and the sin of multiple generations. Christ came and not only showed us what life could be like when we walk in the image of our Creator, but He died so that we can be restored to our original intent.
A picture of Christ’s restoration is when a young person at LXI has a dream that they are setting goals for and pursuing, and we are able to walk with them through encouragement and motivation. I hope that you can catch a glimpse of the potential impact and take action with us however you can be involved! Thank you for making our dreams possible!


She has failed Geometry twice in the past nine months and is now failing the same class again in her third attempt.  At home her mom works two jobs, one during the day and one at night. In response to her failing grade her father just yells. He says a job as a janitor is the only work in her future. At school her teacher says she only pays attention half of the time and is the first to pack up her stuff and leave.
In preparation for her midterm exam, she studied with a tutor every day leading up to the test. And again, she failed. In conversations about this class she shuts down, shoulders slumped and head bowed. Everyone asks her, “Don’t you want to pass this class? Don’t you care?” 
One day she asked “But what happens if I try hard and still fail?” That question is the same question that we have all asked ourselves before: What if I give my best, but my best isn’t good enough? What if I am not good enough? It’s deeper than just failing.
See, the truth is that she doesn’t have confidence in herself. And confidence doesn’t come from our abilities; it comes from knowing our worth. She doesn’t know her worth. Failing or passing geometry class does not determine her worth.  Her worth comes from her Creator and Savior.
This story is just one story, and every single kid that comes through LXI has his or her own story.  In Homework Club alone, twenty kids show up every week and most of them are failing one or more of their classes. And beneath every failed class is a kid who has no idea how much they are worth. 
These stories are hard stories to share because there isn’t necessarily a happy ending right now. The need is great. But the hope isn’t in the happy ending; the hope is in Jesus Christ. And we know that these stories are not yet finished


We want to motivate and reward the youth who are a part of Homework Club when they succeed and meet their goals! At mid-terms and the end-of-the-semester we take the youth who are passing all of their classes with C’s and above on a sweet team-building adventure! After mid-terms this fall we took seven youth to Doe River Gorge for Fall Family Fun Day and had so much fun! Please contact Kyle Hicks or Gretchen Allie if you want to be a part of motivating and rewarding our students!


This year our 5th annual Community Thanksgiving will be THIS Sunday, November 22nd from 3:00-6:00 pm at Keystone Recreation Center (841 Pardee Street). Please come and join our community as we gather together!
To help with food contact Gretchen Hicks at For more information on how to be a part of this event contact Gretchen Allie at


We are experiencing huge growth as a ministry, especially at Amplify, our Tuesday night outreach. Since August our numbers have steadily increased from fifty to eighty people on a Tuesday night. We are so encouraged by this because we know that God is moving! But we have a tremendous need for more hands and feet on the ground.
PRAY that God will bring more leaders and volunteers to lift burdens and step into the lives of youth.
PRAY for rest and renewal for the staff and leadership of LXI as the ministry instensifies during the holiday season.
PRAY for the youth that come to Homework Club on Thursday nights. Pray that they will be transformed from the inside-out through the Gospel, and will be motivated with confidence to be all God intends them to be.


We are currently supported for 60% of our monthly need! Please pray and consider if you can walk alongside us by partnering financially. If sixty-one people give $100 a month, we will be fully funded! We would not be able to daily step into the lives of kids without your giving. Thank you!

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