Our focus this summer is Be Transformed. We want to see our youth changed from the inside out by God renewing their way of thinking, worldview, and desires through His transforming power. The heart of this vision comes from Romans 12:2:
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
We invite you to pray for our interns and staff this summer as we daily pour into youth in intentional discipleship. Pray that Christ would be real to our youth, and they would be different because of the renewing power of His love, truth, and grace. Pray they are transformed as they learn to abide in Christ through worship, prayer, the Word, serving, and true repentance.




June 5-10 - Missions Trip in Philadelphia!

June 13 - Amplify Excursion Summer Kick-Off

June 25-30 - Middle Schoolers at Camp ACC!

July 2-8 - High Schoolers at Camp ACC!

Date TBD - Family Dayquest@ DRG

August 1 - Amplify Summer Celebration & Baptisms


College students play a crucial role in the LXI ministry team. Every year, from September to May, they bring energy, love, and a heart to see youth changed with the power of the Gospel. Our vision for college students is that LXI is both a place for them to serve and disciple youth, as well as a place to personally be challenged and grow in their walk with the Lord.

Noah Evans - Graduating Senior

“LXI was a huge part of my time in college. I remember when I first started coming my freshman year, many of the LXI students were quite young. It’s been so encouraging to watch them grow in Christ alongside of me. As I ran through my college years, I was right in step with LXI studens, moving through their high school years. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a constant for Christ. LXI has such a powerful testimony for Christ, and I am grateful to have participated in watching His work unfold.”

Ashlyn Jackson -  Freshman

"In August, I needed volunteer hours for some of my classes and a friend invited me to LXI, so I decided to go and try it. I was really hesitant at first because I’m not really a people person and I knew this was a relational ministry. I knew I needed to just start talking to some of the kids to get to know them. The first night I went, I met a couple girls who immediately started including me in their games, worship, and small group. I felt like I belonged at LXI, and I felt like the kids wanted me there. After I left that night, I knew I wanted to use this ministry to get my volunteer hours for my class because I got to hang out with kids all night and talk to them about how Jesus is in their lives. However, even after I had finished my volunteer hours, I kept going to LXI because I had built relationships with so many of the kids. They are the reason I want to go back every week. The people at LXI have become my family. I have gotten to see them grow in relationships with others and with God over the past year, and I can’t wait to see how much more they grow throughout the next few years."


We left our first fundraising dinner feeling incredibly encouraged and blessed! Our hope was for the night to be a picture of our LXI family.
Thirty of our youth leaders came to welcome guests, share their stories, and serve dinner. It was so encouraging to see our students step out of their comfort zones with confidence to love and welcome others into their family.
It was amazing to see God use so many people in our community to believe in, encourage, and provide for our ministry. It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!
We were able to raise $22,000 for the upcoming year! Praise God! We are so thankful for His provision and for each of you who came, supported, or gave in some capacity. Thank you!
A need of $34,000 for our upcoming 2017-18 fiscal year remains. Please consider believing in our youth and what God is doing in them by giving to this ministry! 

If you have questions about partnering with LXI, we would love to talk with you more! Please contact Kyle Hicks or Gretchen Allie personally, or email Below is information to give directly to LXI.


PO Box 1784
Johnson City, TN 37605
(Checks can be written to "LXI")


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One time or recurring gifts


This spring we were blessed to baptize Sebastian, an LXI graduate who is now a young father providing for his family. In many ways, Sebastian has struggled since he left LXI. This is discouraging for many of our leaders due to our desire for fruit from our investment.
Sebastian's recent return has proven to be hope that God is up to something, and that He is pursuing our youth in all stages of their life. Sebastian had to experience brokenness for himself before he began to realize that what we have been saying about God is in fact true.
He has recently been very concerned about other young people who may follow in his footsteps and now sees LXI as a way he can give back. We celebrated Sebastian's return with baptism at Amplify, and he shared his story beforehand with all of our youth. It was an amazing night!