Life on Life Discipleship

Outside of programs and events we walk and live life alongside our youth in discipleship. This happens in two ways, one is by going into their community to be a part of their world, and the second is by adventuring out of their community together.


Weekly Outreach and safe community

The vision for this outreach is to amplify the voice of God into the lives of young people. We hope to accomplish this by creating a culture where youth are known, loved, free to be themselves, and encouraged that they have a voice. 

Every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 pm we come together for Amplify. During the night we engage middle and high schoolers through passion groups including hip-hop, jui jitsu, cooking, woodwork, photography, and more. We gather as a family for dinner, worship, and a Gospel story. All of this is a base for beginning deeper relationships with young people in hopes that they know Christ’s love for them. 


launching youth through holistic discipleship

Launch is an opportunity for holistic discipleship with a smaller group of youth who come to Amplify. The heart of Launch is to see Johnson City urban youth launched into God's calling for their lives through providing opportunities for them to explore their interests, strengths, and passions through experiential learning.

Launch takes place after-school, Monday-Thursday with a group of 15 youth. The initiative focuses on helping youth create a realistic vision for their life, develop healthy community, and live a balanced life. Weekly, youth serve in the community, explore the outdoors, meet one-on-one with personal coaches, find passions, learn about their strengths, create a life plan, set goals, worship, pray, study the Bible, and have fun in a safe and productive environment. All this is in hope that each youth comes to know Christ and what it means to live life in full now and in their future